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by Dan Bostonweeks

Roger Ebert on His Profile in Esquire

Via Daring Fireball

Roger Ebert on His Profile in Esquire:


I was a little surprised at the detail the article went into about the nature and extent of my wounds and the realities of my appearance, but what the hell. It was true. I didn’t need polite fictions.

Chris Jones’s profile captured what I’ve been thinking for the last year or so: that Ebert has become a far better writer now than he was before. And that’s saying something, because he’s always been a terrific writer.

I have to agree with John Gruber here. I read Roger Ebert’s blog post yesterday and went out and bought Esquire for the first time ever just to read the story on him. It was touching, enlightening, and it gives me an even deeper respect for Mr. Ebert. I’ve really been enjoying his writing for the last couple of years. I look forward to reading more from him and I will be greatly saddened the day he slips from this mortal coil.