Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Flinging Towards the Future

I have a day job. It’s a damn fine day job too. I work on movies and in the end the product is seen by millions of people all over the world. I’ve been doing this day job for over a dozen years now. With every production I’ve been on there are crunch periods. If it’s not for you it’s for then you can bet someone else is working overtime. For the last couple of months I’ve been working Saturdays trying to drive to a deadline for the next feature, not even the one the rest of the company is trying to wrap up. The last couple of weeks have seen the workload and my hours increase a lot. Like near the 70 hour mark. I know. I know. First world problem. And don’t get me wrong, the overtime pay is coming in handy. I just get the feeling like it’s all work and then I just go home to sleep and barely see my wife. Every so often I feel like I should be working for myself. I’m never going to get there if I don’t take steps now. I’m going to setup my own personal two-week sprints to see what I can get done while not at work and still keep my personal life in balance. I won’t be starting today or even this weekend, hours at work and a good friend’s wedding this weekend are going to chew up all my free time. If I can on Sunday I’ll map out the tasks I need to complete. Once I start I can’t turn back. To do so is to fail, and I don’t want to fail that easily. I’ll post more as I can, but for now I’m keeping my trap shut.