Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Funky Dreams

I had some odd dreams last night. Normally I don’t remember my dreams so when I do I’m often left shaking my head. Dream #1
I was back at Pixar. I was in line for lunch at the cafe talking with my friend CB. Normally there is a modest line for the cafe, but in the dream the line was snaking all over the building, past people’s cubes, through some offices, and outside for a bit. I don’t remember the conversation CB and I were having, but at some point people started carrying neon colored Model Ts around. CB stopped talking, picked up a bright pink Model T, carried it around a group of people, put it down, and came back into line. That’s when I woke up. Dream #2
[Redacted] ((Sorry, not sharing this dream, it’s only here for quantity.)) Dream #3
I was at a meeting in a civil building. We had gotten out and were walking down a hall. Firefighters were being called to supper by an alarm system with a flashing sign. Rather than a klaxon the sound was the Robot ringtone I use for alarms on my iPhone. It took about five minutes of the dream with that noise before I woke up and turned off the alarm. Also, I think Miley Cyrus was holding an elevator for me.