Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

The Story Thus Far...(June 2008)

I haven’t really done a re-cap post before and this is my first one. It’s been a while since I posted and that’s only because of a fear of jinxing things and a lack of time. This post will catch you up and then I should be able to post more regularly from here on.


This year would have been my third AIDS/LifeCycle. This year my friend Everett decided he wanted to ride the ALC but hadn’t ridden a bike in many years. I helped Everett out and he got a bike and we trained together for a few months. Everett picked up riding again very fast and we had many morning rides before work. I was enthused because this is the second year I’ve helped a friend train for the the ALC an Everett was so into riding that it made me jones for riding again. Work changed (more later) and about half a week before ALC I had to make the choice to cancel going on the ride. I was really upset I had to cancel, but I knew that for my own personal benefit (long term goals and continued employment) it was the right decision to make. There are many more years to ride, so I will keep going and maybe I’ll ride again in the future.


Pixar is no stranger to success. This year Disney/Pixar will release the latest Pixar endevour, Wall•E (in theaters June 27, go see it!). At Pixar we get to see the movies as they are in progress. I feel really fortunate that we get to see the movies in that stage, before they’re ready for public consumption and still rough in parts. To be very honest when I saw Wall•E about a year before release I hated it. There were parts that I just didn’t agree with and I was wondering what Pixar was thinking. A couple of weeks ago the movie was completed and we had our company wrap party to see the movie and celebrate the fact that we we finished such a monumental task. I went in skeptical and came out loving the movie. In the intervening year all the right changes were made and the story got a lot better. It’s a great film that, as many animated films do, came together at the end. I love Wall•E and I can’t wait to see it on opening weekend.

The Job

While everyone thinks they’ll have the perfect job when they get to the penultimate place in their industry, sometimes that just doesn’t happen. I started at Pixar about two years ago. At the time I took a job as a QA Engineer. I did it because of the challenges of the job and the opportunity to work at Pixar. After two years at Pixar I realized that the QA position is not what I want to do in the long term. I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work at Pixar and see the amazing process that is present there. As of July 2008 I will be leaving Pixar and transitioning to another Disney company, ImageMovers Digital. I will be entering IMD as a Sr. TD and there will be many challenges to working there and getting the first film out the door. Some people have questioned why I would leave Pixar, but in the end me being happy in my job and being able to contribute the most I can is what is important. I look forward to starting at IMD in July, it will be a great time. As always, life is moving. I will expound more as I can and I’ll really try to keep up to date here.