Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Acorn to Flickr Export Plug-in

Flying Meat makes a great, and simple, image editor called Acorn. Acorn has a plug-in architecture that allows one to develop in python. I had begun work on a Flickr export plugin but got side tracked because I didn’t know Objective-C (you can write obj-c interface code in python) or Interface Builder all that well. Now that I’ve learned them I was going to go back into it and see about finishing up with a dialog box. Happily, the gang at Coding Robots just beat me to it with Flicker Export Plugin for Acorn. I won’t complain because they’ve done a great job and with the source available I can learn more from it. Interestingly enough, except for the dialog I hadn’t yet done my implementation is very similar to theirs. (via Gus Mueller)