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by Dan Bostonweeks

Git-chdiff: Using With Git

Earlier this week I mentioned that Changes 1.0 shipped. I had already updated the wiki SCM integration page with instructions on how to use Perforce with the chdiff utility. Last night I was messing around at home and trying to use the contributed script for diffing a project with Git ((I’ll have another post soon detailing why I decided to go with Git.)) but it just wasn’t working the way I wanted. I generally like to work by being in the code tree and diffing a file against what was the last checkin (Or alternately a tagged checkin). The script that was there would do a comparison of the whole tree. I do find that valuable and I’ll keep it around for when I need that, but for my day to day work I want to just quickly view what changed from what I have on disk and what is in the repository at some point. With that in mind I went and wrote up a quick python script that basically does what I want. I’m sure there is room for improvement and I might not have gotten everything right, but that’s why I put it up on the wiki. You can access the code directly from me if you like. Enjoy. UPDATE – this only works in the root of the git project. I’ll post an update that works in subdirs when I have it. UPDATE 2 – fixed now and uploaded.