Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

AIDS/LifeCycle 7: Riding 545 Miles for a Third Time

Hey there. Today is the day (night) I got off my butt and sent out a letter to people about donating for the AIDS/LifeCycle 7. I’m riding for the third year in a row. If I haven’t sent you the message don’t feel slighted, I either don’t have your current email address or I haven’t hit you on the list yet (I do it in waves). For completeness here’s the message I sent out:

Hello, This year I will be riding for a third time in the AIDS/LifeCycle. The last two years have been amazing experiences because of the support of people like you. HIV and AIDS has a personal significance for me. In 1992 my uncle Keith passed away from AIDS related illnesses. Like every other person lost to AIDS over the years he was loved dearly by his family and friends and we miss him every day. AIDS is preventable, but helping people living with HIV and AIDS will only grow more important as the global epidemic increases. With money for research and education the world can stem the growing tide of HIV infections and one day we may be able to have no new infections and recovery for those afflicted. I look forward to the year that I get to ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles in celebration of no more infections and lives extended for millions of people. As with the last two years I’m riding in memory of my uncle, Robert Keith Weeks, and my room-mate’s brother, Kevin David Klohn. If you would like for me to ride in memory or in honor of someone you know with AIDS or HIV leave a note on the AIDS/LifeCycle website or send me an email. I’ll be riding this year with a list of names on display for all to see. Even with the ride being four months away I’ve been training so that I’m ready for the 545 mile journey from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The seven day ride is not easy, but it is also not impossible. The only way that the amount of training and the week of riding becomes worth while is with your support. A large part of the yearly budget for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation comes from the millions of dollars raised each year by the volunteer riders and roadies of the AIDS/LifeCycle. In the last couple of years people have asked me how much they should give. I always tell them to give what you can and give what you feel comfortable with giving, every dollar counts in the fight against HIV and AIDS and every dollar can help allow someone to live a better, longer life with their loved ones. To donate you can follow the URL below and click on the blue “Make a Donation” button under my picture: I thank you for your support. Don’t forget your donation is tax deductible so be sure to keep a record of it for next years taxes. If you don’t want to donate via an online form then you can download a form to print and mail in at: Please feel free to pass this message on to friends and family as you see fit, any little bit of support will be greatly appreciated. As always if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me! Thank you! Dan Weeks