Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Learning Cocoa and OS X Development

I’ve been learning on my own time how to develop applications for Mac OS X. I actually tried to pick it up a couple of years ago, but I think I was just not in the right mind set to pick up the knowledge I needed. My work situation wasn’t ideal and deep down the last thing I really wanted to do was come home and work on a computer more. Now I’ve switched jobs and I’m much happier with work and I think it’s bled over into the after work hours. I’m actually picking up the lessons ((I’m using Aaron Hillegass’ Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X.)) really well and the great part is I’m completing the non-instructional challenges at the end of the chapters with out any problems. I’ll post more bits and bobs as I come across them. This is pretty exciting because I now fully understand the power of Cocoa and its frameworks.