Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Wrong Numbers

Last night at about midnight I had not one, but three calls from the same guy dialing the wrong number. This of course is not new to me, every so often I’ll get a call on my cell phone that’s a person asking for the SFPD. I’m apparently one digit off from the warrants desk. This has generally led me to not answer numbers that don’t pop up in the caller ID or that I don’t recognize. So last night I happened to answer because of the late hour and the number seemed like it was recognizable. For all I knew it was a friend that got into an accident driving home and needed help. The guy was looking for the SFPD. He was adamant that he had the correct number but I assured him he didn’t. I understand people wanting to take care of warrants, but at midnight I doubt the offices are open. I only hope he’s not as belligerent to a police officer as he was to me, maybe that’s how he got the warrant in the first place.