Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Sometimes I Hate Computers...

This is very minor in the grand scheme of the universe, but today is a day when I loath computers. I played Bioshock up until the last level. At that point the Xbox 360 had to be sent back for repairs. After over a month of not playing it I decided I’d try to finish it up this afternoon since I got very close to finishing last night. When I started the game I was informed there was an update, that’s not unusual so I let it go through. ((Technically I had to otherwise the game wouldn’t play.)) The update loaded and the game restarted. As it got to the opening screen where it normally says ‘continue’, ‘new game’, etc. the Xbox rebooted completely. I thought that was strange but I just went back into the game. Oh if only it were that simple. There was no ‘continue’ option this time. When I went to ‘load game’ I had no saved games. Well, that certainly blows. I then went to check and see if it was just me, but whatever happened wiped out all Bioshock game saves on the console. Mine, my house mate’s and the guest account. I won’t be trying the game again, I’ll just go find the ending on YouTube. Damn computers, maybe I should go back to forestry.