Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

US$5 Redesigned — Still Ugly

The US$5 is getting a makeover. BARF!  Once again the U.S. Mint U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing has totally blown the chance to really revolutionize the money and make counterfeiters scramble. ((Not that I think US$5 counterfeiting is rampant, I’m more concerned with the superdollars that are out there.)) Really, look at other nation’s currency. They are more durable. It’s easier to discern denominations on sight because of color and size differences. ((Although the color additions to the new U.S. notes is a big help to those of us without sight problems.)) Most places have abandoned low value bills because they wear out too fast and I’m really surprised the U.S. hasn’t. With the new US$5 bill the changes seem as if they’re done by committee. Hire some real designers, make radical changes, and screw corporate interests that fight you because of new bill sizes and styles and materials. You work for the People, not the corporations.