Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks


I am now the proud owner of a very sleek single speed bike ((Not a fixie, although it does have a flip-flop hub so I could make it a fixed gear if I were nuts. It’s made by Fuji via it’s brand SE bikes. It’s not a high-end bike at all, but it’s solid.)). I was going to convert an old 26er MTB that we have, but the cost of the new parts for it were nearly the cost of the entire bike. The other benefit is that the bike is a road bike so it’s more similar to my other bikes than the 26er would have been. ein - the singlespeed bike I’m using it to commute to and from work mostly, but now that I’ve bought a lock that can’t be picked by a cheap plastic tube I’ll start running errands with it too (I made sure to get a lock that’s going to be able to lock up any bike I want, thus it’s heavier, but I don’t care). It’s been fun so far. There are occasions where I will still need my car, but for the most part I won’t have to drive or wait on the bus, I’m on my own schedule. I just need to get some fenders before it starts raining (that’s a while off) and I’ll be good to go.