Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

AIDS/LifeCycle 6: Post-ride Wrap-up

Well, I finally sat down and typed up all the daily journals (about time!). The period after the Ride is an interesting one. On one hand I found myself very tired and little unable to focus, kind of like jet lag, but not. Due to the chest congestion I gained a really nasty cough. It took me a couple of weeks to really kick it and get my lungs cleared out. The Monday after the ride Sal, Kevin and I went and picked up our bikes. The next weekend I spent a few hours cleaning it. The drivetrain was particularly nasty and covered in filth. It felt good to clean everything off. To take the chain and really make sure it was de-gunked. Cleaning the road grime from the frame and making sure everything a was in good working order again. After feeling a little bit better I went out for a ride two weeks after the Ride. I felt like I rode stronger than before, but I still haven’t replaced my cyclometer so I really don’t know, but I felt better doing it. In total I raised $5,307 for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. I’m really happy with that amount, it wasn’t as much as last year, but it was more than double the minimum amount. In case you missed any

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