Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

AIDS/LifeCycle 6: Day 7 - Ventura to Los Angeles

Finally, the day we’d been working to was here. The last day of riding with a “short” 60 miles ahead of us. We got up and left as a group. Like Day 5 we really wanted to stay together as much as possible. We started riding and there’s not a lot of ways to get to LA from Ventura except being on the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH or CA-1). We rode past the waste treatment plant (peeew!), the military bases, the ocean and on and on. We finally got to Malibu and the hills there. They’re not bad, there’s just a lot of them. Lunch was at the Malibu Lagoon State Beach. I met up with Tia, Thomas, Chris, Steve, May, Kathryn, and Arena there. We ate, Thomas violently opened a bag of chips and hit Tia right in the eye, we lounged a bit, and then we took off. We stayed together as we knew we were within 15 miles of the end and we wanted to ride across together. The PCH is very scary with lots of cars both on the road and parked. Once you get into LA you move over to the beach path for a bit and then you have to cross under the highway via a pedestrian tunnel. Getting back on your bike you go East a little bit and then turn right and hit the last major hill of the entire ride. It was great when there was a large group of people cheering at the top of the hill. You then have a nice bike laned road to go for a few more miles, negotiate some turns, and then you see it, a short uphill, a right turn and massive amounts of people! You’re done. Tia, Thomas, Steve, Chris, and I finished together. The emotion from having all those people cheer you on is staggering. I was so overcome that I almost missed Kevin and Sal who had finished well in front of us. Another year done and I felt great at having ridden 550 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles. We all went out for Brazilian food after and then Kevin, Sal, Robert, and I caught a late flight with about 100 other riders back to Oakland. It was good to be back in my bed and sleeping soundly for the night.