Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

AIDS/LifeCycle 6: Day 6 - Lompoc to Ventura

I woke up this morning to a dead bike computer which means I get to ride “zen” and not know milage or time while pedaling away. It’s actually a much more fulfilling experience to ride that way since you just ride to ride, not for speed or time. There is a climb of about 16 miles out of Lompoc. It’s not hard, just long. You ride and ride and get to the first rest stop near the top of the hill. From there you go up and over and down, down, down, to rest stop 2. The CHP is kind enough to close one lane of traffic on CA-1 right at rest stop 2. They do this because the lanes on a bridge are so narrow that there is no other way for us to get past and it’s not safe as there is no shoulder. I rolled into lunch in Goleta and it seemed to me that I got there faster and much easier than last year. I ate quick and then headed out because the community run Paradise Pit was ahead in Santa Barbara. Yummy ice cream was had. I rode out of PP with Chris. At this point I had been coughing for a day or so. The combination of dry and hot days with exertional asthma and allergies led to some chest congestion. I felt fine, I was just coughing. At rest stop 4, which is beautiful and along the water, I was really ready to get off the bike. I pushed on the last 11 miles or so, but I was just not happy, and that leads to not having fun on the bike. Princess Thomas It was a long day, 85.5 miles and Chris and I stuck together all the way to San Buenaventura State Beach, the best camping spot on the whole trip. That is partially due to the In-n-Out Burger across the street. Thomas topped his 6x6 from last year with a 7x7. Yumminess with a chocolate shake and fries was had.