Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

AIDS/LifeCycle 6: Day 4 - Paso Robels to Santa Maria

Today started with my ankle in a good bit of pain. I was tempted to hop on the sag bus (I don’t know what ‘sag’ stands for, I just know it’s the term used when you’re shuttled from point to point in a vehicle), but I didn’t train to ride a bus, I trained to ride a bike. I made a deal with myself, I wanted to ride to at least mile 66 in Pismo Beach. We rode more or less together up to rest stop 1 and then up and over the Evil Twins to the half-way point. My ankle was really hurting at points, but I knew I could push on and I met up with Tia, Chris and Heidi at the half-way point. Funny enough the Evil Twins didn’t seem as hard as last year. Chris and I helped Heidi get her heavy steel bike up so she could hold it up as is customary. Heidi is half-way I was really looking forward to the next part, about 10 miles of downhill riding. I didn’t get going as fast as last year because we were faced with a headwind on the way down, but it was still a blast to not have to pedal at all and to be flying down the road. Chris decided to wait up for Thomas and Steve at the half-way point, but I knew he’d be able to catch up to me later. We rode on through Morrow Bay and San Louis Obispo and to lunch. I waited there for Chris and we took off for Pismo Beach. The reason I wanted to make it to Pismo before stopping? Old West Cinnamon Rolls. They make a truly perfect cinnamon roll, top it with cream cheese icing and one is in a state of nirvana. After Pismo Beach is a bit of riding along the sea shore and you get to see these great big sand dunes. Of course that brings us to mile 75 and a hill that is difficult at the easiest. It’s narrow and steep and scary, but nothing a person that has trained for the ride can’t handle. This year we had cross winds on the way to rest stop 4 and they were realy strong. I kept getting blown out into the road, it was very scary at points. I finally met the boys at the rest stop and we all took off for Santa Maria. There was a good tail wind for a bit and we cruised. I made it the whole day and after that 95 mile ride I knew I’d be able to finish the ride without any problems. At camp we saw Athena, she drove down to meet up with us a few times and today was the first day.