Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Sick Kitty Weekend

Well, I knew one of my cats, Polly, hadn’t been feeling well. She had lost a little weight but seemed to be bouncing back. Little did I know that she was really sick. On Saturday we noticed that she was yellow around her ears, nose, and mouth (icterus). I took her to the vet but it was so late in the day that they couldn’t get the blood work back until Tuesday. I waited until the next morning and took her to another vet where they did the blood tests and found out her liver was having problems because of fatty deposits. I then transfered her to a local pet emergency clinic for holiday weekend treatment. They did an ultrasound and took a needle sample of her liver (still don’t have those results yet). On the basis of the ultrasound they started treating her for hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver syndrome) where her body was trying to metabolize fat from her weight loss and couldn’t keep up. They put a feeding tube in and got her started feeding that way and she’s rebounding. Polly with feeding tube I transfered her to the regular vet this morning (where I took the picture) and she’s going to be there getting more nootrishus food through the tube for the day. I can pick her up this evening and then feed her through the tube for a few days until she gets to eating on her own.