Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

More Cycling Updates

Today, Friday, I have the day off of work. It’s nothing grand, they’re just moving a lot people around at work and I’m one of them. In order to get it all done by Monday we have the day off today. As a result my morning ride started a little later today. Yay for sleeping in. I did the normal morning ride in full today. From Rockridge up Tunnel, to Grizzly @ Skyline, along Skyline, down to Joaquin Miller Road and then turning around and going back the same route. On Wednesday I did almost the same ride, but it was very foggy, cold, wet, and windy, so I didn’t go down to JM and thus was two miles shorter in distance. Wednesday Stats: distance 24.26 miles average speed 10.4 MPH maximum speed 37.8 MPH time riding 2h 3m 48s Friday Stats: distance 26.08 miles average speed 10.4 MPH maximum speed 39.7 MPH time riding 2h 30m 11s Tomorrow is the Day on the Ride. I’ll be on the 80 mile route and it’ll be nice to have rest stops and a lunch stop with staffing again. That’s something you just don’t get when riding on your own. I’m feeling great and I’m really looking forward to the Ride itself. Chris is out of town right now but he gets back on Saturday evening. I’m so going to call him on Sunday and get his butt back out on the road.