Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Allergy Wasted Ride

Today I got up and met Sal, Tia, Heidi, and Bill at the Orinda BART station. I had only gotten about four hours of sleep because my allergies are going nuts right now and causing a lot of drainage. That moves into my lungs and kept me up all night coughing. I felt okay when we started, but the lack of sleep quickly caught up with me and I could really feel it on the hill climbs. Overall it was a good ride. You can see the route over at If you click on ‘Show > Elevation Profile’ you’ll see it was 3700’ of climbing. That normally wouldn’t have been so bad, but as I said, I just started to get really tired. While the route says 42.5 miles I actually rode more to get to the Rockridge BART station, but there’s not a way I’m aware of on bikely to show a broken path like that. On to the stats: distance 45.66 miles average speed 11.2 MPH maximum speed 40.5 MPH time riding 4h 3m 8s If you haven’t already please consider donating to my ALC ride.