Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

ALC: East Bay Cat 1 Ride #7

distance 52.93 miles average speed 10.9 MPH maximum speed 36.9 MPH time riding 4h 50m 54s departure time 09.00 arrival time 16.00 This last Saturday Chris and I went and rode in the ALC Cat 1 ride from Orinda. He as a rider and me as a ride leader. There was a good turnout of about 30 people. Chris was kind enough to put together a map and elevation profile. Yup, it’s 4200 feet of climbing. The ride was good, tiring, and needed. I know I felt great after it was over. I kind of wish Chris didn’t have to stay with me (we drove over together). As a ride leader I ended up hanging out at one of the stops a bit longer than I would have liked as a rider and I could tell it wasn’t ideal for Chris. I did get to concentrate on my pedal stroke and as a result my Achillies tendons didn’t get sore at all, I think I’ve fixed whatever it was I was doing wrong a couple of months ago when I strained them to the point that for a week walking had a pain to it. At the end of the ride a wheel was found in the parking lot. I took it home and thankfully got it back to the owner on Sunday. I’m looking forward to more rides, especially durning the week in the mornings. Sadly tomorrow is supposed to be rainy. Wednesday it is then!