Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

The Host

After a good Saturday ride Jason called me a we went and saw The Host.I didn’t know anything about the movie other than it was getting good reviews, a lot of people at work really wanted to see it, and the poster has a person in the grasp of a tentacle. What more do you need? The film is from South Korea and features visual effects by San Francisco-based, The Orphanage.  I’m glad they released it as a subtitled movie rather than an english dub as the emotion in the voices was good to hear.  The movie is not a horror movie as some would think (like the couple that sat next to me and I had to tell to be quiet twice).  It’s a straight up monster movie with laughs.  They were purposefully trying to get laughs and it worked, because when you weren’t supposed to laugh you knew it. The visual and special effects were great and really helped to sell the story.  In a horror movie they would have hidden the monster for a while, where as in The Host they brought it out as soon as they could and it worked great.  The actors playing the central family did a good job of coming across as somewhat disfunctional, but still loving. The ending isn’t what you’d expect and I think that is a good thing.  The only knock I have against it is that there were a couple of points in the film where the pacing was a bit slow.  It seemed like maybe a little tighter editing would have fixed that, but this is a Korean film and I’m not familiar with what works in that culture.  I’ll probably buy this once it’s out on video because it’s going to be watchable again and again. Rating: 4.75/5