Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Hill Pop

Today Chris and I decided we needed to get back on our bikes, what with the ALC coming up and all.  We did a simple ride up Tunnel Road and on Skyline, but not as far as we originally thought because I was sucking a bit.  I hadn’t ridden in two weeks and definately felt it. As we were coming back along Skyline we ended up downhilling towards the Redwood Gate a little too fast for comfort.  We came around a corner and I was breaking.  There just happened to be a fresh asphalt patch on the road.  When I got to it my back tire slid out.  Amazingly I didn’t go down, I turned my wheel and my forward motion righted me.  At that point though my back tire felt funny so I yelled forward to Chris I was going to stop at the parking lot ahead.  As I rolled to a stop there was a loud pop from behind me, my tube exploding. It turns out that when my back tire slid out the force of being that sideways caused the tire to come off of the wheel on one side.  The tube was exposed or pinched there and caused it to pop.  Luckily I was at 2 MPH rather than 20 MPH.  This also gave me a chance to try out my newly purchased Topeak Road Morph Pump.  I can’t recommend the pump enough.  It’s like a mini-floor pump and has a pressure gage and everything.  After a quick tube change it was smooth sailing back home. I think it was about 20 miles or so.  Chris said we hit 41.2 MPH max.  I’d put some stats, but my cycleometer has a dead battery. Now I need to spend this week getting back used to riding in the mornings.  As Chris and Thomas have said and I thought, it’s time to stop hitting snooze.