Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Finally Some Snow

The snow levels in Tahoe this year haven’t been that great. Over President’s  weekend Keith, Cortney and I went up and had a pretty good time. We got to hang out with CB & Athena, Jason, Tom, and Bjorn. The best was going on that Monday to Kirkwood. We hiked out on the backside bowl and got some good snow and tree riding in. This last weekend Keith and I went up to Kirkwood again and had a great time. There was more snow courtesy of a big storm and we ended up hiking three times out to get good stuff and tree riding. hiking in Kirkwood I was really worn out and so tired by the last run that I ended up falling a few times, but such is life. Sunday we hit Squaw early and rode hard for a half day. The snow was good but like the end of the day on Saturday it started to get a little warm and snow was getting a little squishy. I hope I can get a few more days in this year, but I’ve really got to start training for the AIDS/LifeCycle more.