Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Chilly Cycle Buddy Ride

distance 33.16 miles average speed 12.4 MPH maximum speed 41.1 MPH time riding 2h 39m 44s departure time 08.15 arrival time 13.09 This morning there was a Cycle Buddy Ride for the AIDS/LifeCycle. My first plan, and a good one on a normal day, was to ride from my place in Emeryville over the hill to the Orinda BART to be there at the appointed ride time. When I stepped outside to go and ride early enough it was around 30°F. I quickly went back inside and slept for another hour and then ended up riding to the Rockridge BART and taking that over. The ride itself was good, if a bit cold. I got to meet more cycle buddies and I had a good time riding with new people. There was ice on the side of the road at several points which was a little odd. I rode a decent pace the entire time. The only issue I had was a the end my left Achilles tendon was sore. Something is out of whack on my bike and I don’t yet know what. I’ll dig deeper into that this week.