Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Cold Tuesday Morning

distance 17.51 miles average speed 10.8 MPH maximum speed 41.8 MPH time riding 1h 37m 12s departure time 06.05 arrival time 07.50 I went with Keeth and CB again this morning on one of our normal Tuesday morning rides. I expected it to be a lot darker than it was, and then CB recalled it was darker before the Daylight Saving Time switch, so that was nice. It was cold though, about 42°F when I left the house. I decided to wear my knee warmers thinking I’d get hot, but I should have worn the full length leg warmers, they’re thicker and would have been better. As a result my feet stayed pretty cold. It was a short ride, just to the top of the hill at Grizzly/Skyline, but it was good to get out again.