Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Back in the Saddle Again

distance 26.40 miles average speed 11.4 MPH maximum speed 45.1 MPH time riding 2h 18m 57s departure time 10.00 arrival time 14.45 Well, between a wedding back east and a cold that turned into a sinus infection I’ve been off the bike for over a month. Keeth, CB, and I went out and did the usual Tunnel Road route. I had one of the best rides I’ve ever done. I was really strong and rode every hill well until the last big one, where I just knew I was a little tired so I backed off (but maybe shouldn’t have). I’m happy that I could get back on the bike and just keep going. I have been in the gym for the last three weeks so that helped a little, but I think my body is now totally built for bike riding, which is both good and bad.