Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

First post-ALC Ride

distance 64.63 miles average speed 11.5 MPH maximum speed 34.3 MPH time riding 5h 35m 05s departure time 10.38 arrival time 18.00 I went today and rode with Keeth, Dode, Lindsy, and John (in from New Mexico) on the first ride since ALC. We gathered at dode’s place in Mill Valley and then rode out. We got less than a mile and my front derailer was chattering like crazy. I thought I checked it when cleaning my bike last week. We went over Camino Alto through Corte Madera and Larkspur, Ross, San Anselmo and Fairfax. We then took Sir Francis Drake out to Nicasio Valley Road over to (surprise!) Nicasio. From there we rode down to Point Reyes Station where we got some snacks and more water. Hitting CA-1 we went through Olema and down towards Stinson Beach. Along the way we had a fun decent, although crowded with cars. When we got towards Stinson we turned onto Fairfax Bolinas Road and began about a 4.5 mile climb up Mt. Tam. It wasn’t a hard climb, but it was hot, actually a lot hotter than I was expecting. There is lesson to be learned here. When danimal gets hot he slows down. I ended up stopping a few times up the hill to rest, drink some water, and mess with the damn front derailer that was chattering like crazy. It looks like it needs to be cleaned and lubed. It was a bit frozen so it would slide while riding a little and wouldn’t shift to the same place twice. Grrr. I should have ridden during the week, I’d have caught that. Getting to the top we were running low on water, this was not a good sign. We decided to head back to Fairfax rather than over the ridge to Mill Valley. We went down and across the Apline Lake dam, very big, very cool, and then climbed up and out of the valley, more hot, bleh. The decent into Fairfax was uneventful except for one dumb driver that wouldn’t pass and was being a royal butt hanging on my tail. We watered up in Fairfax and had to go the 10 miles or so back to dode’s house. Climbing back up Camino Alto I really started to feel the day and I kind of hit my limit. I stopped, had a snack and the rest of my water (eep! two bottles since Fairfax, only a few miles!). I finished out the hill, went down and then rode with the group that was waiting at the bottom back to dode’s house. As we got near his house I was done. I had to get off my bike and walk it up the hill the last quarter mile or so, I had no more energy in me. I got some more water at dode’s house and then Keeth and I drove back home. I realized once I got home that I was at the edge of heat exhaustion. That was just stupid and incredibly dangerous and just plain dumb considering the training and experience I’ve had in the last year. It was so hot we should have had more water stops and I should have been drinking a lot more water. Next time I’ll take my bigger camelbak on a hot day (I had the 48 oz. and two water bottles). For now I will tune my bike more. I need to replace my chain and brake pads. Maybe I’ll take the bike in for a tune-up. Besides the heat it was a good day. Once I got some water in me I felt better. I’m glad that distance doesn’t bother me any longer. Update: 19 June 2006 John had a GPS unit on him and writes:

  • total climbing was about 5400 ft.
  • Mt. Tam is about 4.2 miles, avg. grade 6.4%, max 13.3%

He also attached a Google Earth file of our ride.