Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Emotion for a Fallen Friend: Lagwagon - Resolve

I’ve been listening to Lagwagon’s latest album Resolve for about two weeks now. In all of Lagwagon’s discography I have to say this is their best album since Hoss. The inspiration for this album is the suicide of their original drummer, Derrick Plourde. There is a lot of emotion in the songs. On the last song, “Days of New,” Joey sings “Hey, Derrick!” and I almost loose it because you can just feel the emotion that went into making an album to Derrick and that he is missed. I find it hard to put this album down. I listen to some stuff in between but I keep queuing this one up in it’s entirety. This is a darker album that the last couple from Lagwagon, but with the subject matter one would expect that to be the case. If you like Lagwagon at all I can’t recommend this album enough.