Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Another Day, Another Ride

I went with Keeth again this morning to climb Tunnel Road to Grizzly Peak. We made it up okay, but my legs were feeling twitchy and almost at a pre-cramp state. I stopped earlier on and stretched just a bit and then we rocked it up the rest of the hill. We actually got to the top faster than Tuesday so we went for another ten minutes on Grizzly Peak toward Claremont. That tacked on about another four miles making a nice 17.2 mile day. I realized that I’ve worked out every day this week (Sunday-Friday) so I’m due for a rest. I just have to help dode move his house tomorrow and then I’m taking it easy until Monday. I’m feeling really good and I passed under 230 pounds today. I’ve just got to keep the diet and exercise going and I’ll get to my goals. Fun times, fun times.