Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Back in Step and Motivations

This week I’m back in line with how I was working out and eating before I went to New Zealand. I was still working out but just not pushing myself very hard and certainly not keeping an eye on how much and what I was eating. Granted, I was able to hold my weight with some minor fluctuations, but after a couple of months that’s just not cutting it. Weights had also been out of my regimen for the period in between because I had injured my elbow on the trip. It was sore but it didn’t really bother me after a day or so while down there. When I got back and tried to start on weights again and there was too much pain for me to do even three or four reps. Today I got back on the bench and did what I feel was a good work out (bench press and dumbbell press) to get back into it. My elbow feels good and the only parts of me that are sore are the parts that are supposed to be. This of course leads me around to why it was that I slacked off: motivation. I’ll admit it, I have a problem with motivation, or rather, a lack of it. When I’m unmotivated to do something I really, really, have a problem doing it. I mean, I will force myself to do things that need to get done because I see the benefit in it, but I’m probably going to mentally grind my teeth while doing it. There were many days I really didn’t want to goto the gym, but I did it and I usually felt better after. Somehow that just wasn’t enough though. In preparation for going to New Zealand I was at the gym and eating right just to get there and be able to run with it. Now, two months on, I’ve found a few new motivational forces. Starting now I’m going to train for next years AIDS/Lifecycle 5. It’s a 585 mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles over six days. There is still plenty of time to train for it and I’m already doing well on my rides, I just need to increase the frequency. This will be a goal like going to New Zealand. Get more fit, have fun, and have an experience I’ll remember for ever. Maybe along the way I can break myself into not being such a motivational slacker.