Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Final Thoughts on New Zealand

Well, New Zealand was an amazing trip. On the last day I didn’t want to leave. A few days of rest and then more snowboarding in such a lovely country would have been perfect. My favorite place that we stayed was definitely Wanaka. It’s a great little town that was comfortable and not too pretentious. Queenstown had a lot and was pretty good too (I mean, Fergburger is there as well as the Dux de Lux brew pub, both of which you should check out if you’re down there), but it did seem a bit much of a resort town. On my return to work I did get a bit depressed walking through the Mission. I mean, I had to return to urine and feces on the sidewalks, trash, and people panhandling. I didn’t see any of that in New Zealand (granted, it could exist, but I didn’t see it). The people were super friendly and I would like to think I could fit in well down there. It’s strange how I find myself dreaming of ways to try and get down there. There’s the food angle, start up a small place that does one thing really well like Fergburger or Freebirds, but I know I don’t have the experience for that. I really envy Alain and his starting up Access Travel. He seems happy doing it and it’s exactly what he wants to do. But that’s all just dreaming right now, but with the right determination and chutzpah it could be reality. I’ll just have to keep working away and maybe something will come to me, but for now, I’ll keep dreaming of that far away land that was awesome to be in.