Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

The Hutt

Well, Keith and I were going to do a second snow cat day, but we started thinking we might like to join the rest of the group at Mt. Hutt. Well, our decision was made for us when we were told that winds were too high to do the heli ride up. A group of us drove the hour or more to Mt. Hutt. I have to say that the access road, as with almost all of them on the trip, was dirt and gravel, but this one was the worst we had gone on by a long shot. At Treble Cone there was some slim track and a one lane path at one point, but that was nice compared to the Hutt road. We got to the mountain and warmed up and and did our first ride. Even on the chair lift ride up we could tell the snow was pretty crappy. There were rocks sticking up in places and pebbles in parts of the groomed fields. It was pretty icy at the top and the snow was okay towards the bottom. Had the snow cat not been canceled and I had chosen to goto Mt. Hutt I probably would have been very pissed with myself. As it was this was the end of the trip and I was pretty beat. Keith and I did three runs with Alain and called it quits. I ended up tagging a rock on the last run and put a gouge in my board I’ll now have to repair. Oh well, that’s the way it goes.