Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Snow Cat!

Today we had to get up the earliest of any day so far, but that’s okay because breakfast was served and we were getting ready to go snow cat riding. At Mt. Potts you don’t take a lift to the slopes or even use one once you’re up there. You get a heli ride up to the hut on the mountain and then once up there you ride a snow cat. The first run was pretty good and they purposely made us go easy to get warmed up. Then we did a hike up a little bit higher and that was kind of scary because it was very steep. Gitti (a bronze medal winner from the Nagano games in our group) gave me some advice on turns and from then on I was doing it just fine (well, better). The snow wasn’t super powder, but it was nice. The coolest part was when the sun was behind you and you could see your own shadow and the snow was shooting up in a rooster tail behind you. I took it pretty easy. I pushed myself a little, but not much (no hikes up too far when the others did) because I still had one more day of riding to go. The day was the biggest confidence builder I’ve had so far. We got eleven runs in before the snow cat decided to get fussy about the fuel filter and it was time to heli back down. Chris got hurt on the run right before lunch and blew out his knee on a steep. He’s a good skier and I’m sorry to see him get hurt, but at least it was towards the end of the trip. As for Mt. Potts, I’ll come back here again when I come to New Zealand to snowboard, but I’ll just have to remember that the accommodations are a bit more basic than other places. That’s okay though, the food, free pool table, and bar make up for it.