Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Pipe, Park, Kicker and Box

image Our last riding day in Wanaka found us returning to Snow Park for some more freestyle work. The whole group started on the half pipe and Alain video taped us from the bottom. I got a few runs in after I got over the intimidation of the launch hill and the really good riders also riding there. After lunch we did the superpipe one more time and then went on to ride the kicker and the flat boxes more. Keith and I were just working on that and I landed pretty much every time. The one time I went to do an ollie off the box I was too far forward and ended up on my back. Another couple of good runs and the day was over on a good note. Tomorrow we drive to Mt. Potts for snow cat riding. The rest day will be good. The picture up there is of Keith actually doing an ollie off the box, something I still have to work on.