Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Cardrona Snow Day

Friday the twelfth. We went up to Cardrona which is opposite the Snow Park. The visibility was again spotty and it was snowing. Not being able to see clearly was again a confidence reducer. Keith, Jason, Alain and I rode to just get more practice. We did switch and slide 360s a lot and hit the box before lunch. Keith and Jason were hitting the box really well. I was being dumb and looking down rather than where I was going to be going and it was my downfall, literally. I kept falling on the landing, but I think I’ll get it the next time I try to ride a box. The entire group actually ended up taking off early because of the bad conditions. Some guys went to a spa and soaked in the hot tub before heading out for the night. We ended up at a bar that was having a “superheros and villans” dress-up night. Some costumes were better than others is all I can say.