Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Extra! Extra!

Recently my friend Yun Shin asked me if I’d be an extra in an independent movie he’s directing (he may have written it too, I’m not sure). So, I showed up and was Speed Dating Extra #1 for the day. Little did I know Yun would stick me in a prominent place right in front of the lens. There were about eight to ten shots where I’m right in the frame, more than half of them I’m behind women that are talking to the main character and facing the lens. It was an interesting process to watch and be a part of. I’d do it again, but I really enjoy being behind the scenes in my work much more. The high-lite of the day was sitting through many shots with another extra named Kate. Not only was she beautiful, but she’s smart and witty. I tell you, if I didn’t think it was inappropriate to ask her out on the set I would have. Now we’ll have to see if I can work up the chutzpah to do it after the fact. I’ll be sure to post if the movie ever comes out.