Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Sunglasses Hunting

Several weeks ago I fatally snapped the arm off of my sunglasses that I’d had for about eight years. They weren’t fancy or flashy or name branded, but they did fit me and had polarized lenses. Sure, the metal was oxidizing on parts that had skin contact, but even then they worked great. So, I started looking around at different optics makers and trying to figure out what I wanted. If I could I would order something online, but as it is I surely wouldn’t feel comfortable because, frankly, many of the styles that exist today are brutally ugly. In the stop gap I got some $15 glasses that happen to be polarized. They worked great until the arm that had the nose pads snapped off. Great, that’s why I don’t get cheap sunglasses. Now I’m in hunt again for sunglasses. I guess I’ll take a little while this weekend and go try some on and see if any don’t look asstacular. There are a few I could see getting, but the big thing is they have to be polarized (for all you naysayers that will poo-poo polarized lenses, don’t bother. you won’t change my mind). I’m currently leaning more toward the plastic or composite type of frames, but metal frames are fine too. I’m probably going to avoid Oakley since they’re styles are mostly not what I’m looking for (not to mention they seem more expensive than similar products). If anyone has any suggestions just post below.