Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

The T-Shirt Diet

Anyone that knows me knows I like cool t-shirts and that I have a pretty decent collection of them. Well, while perusing Preshrunk I see that Brandon Barr had a good idea to tie weight loss to t-shirts, the t-shirt diet.

That’s right. I need some cool new t-shirts, but I don’t think I’ll look too good in them without dropping a few pounds. So I’ve bookmarked some favorites that Preshrunk has pointed me to. Every time I drop five pounds and keep it off for two weeks, I get to buy a t-shirt. If I gain the fiver back, the shirt goes in the charity pile.

Brandon seems to have less to lose than I do and I can already feel my 2XL shirts getting more roomy. I’ll wait until I am down to XL or smaller before I order as I think I have plenty of shirts for now, but I like his idea of using it as motivation. Of course the sucky thing is I’ll have to attempt to re-acquire some of the better shirts that I have now. Such is life.