Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

"Puttin' Some Freshies in the Pow Pow"

About three weeks ago I went to Kirkwood and rode powder for the first time. That was hard, falling, no visibility stuff. Yesterday was as different as it could be. I actually got to ride a little untracked powder right near a lift. It was about 300’ and the only word I have for it is amazing. If I get anywhere near riding like that on the New Zealand trip then I’ll be very happy. The back side of Kirkwood was closed the last two times we went up there but yesterday it opened for the first time in a few days. The snow was great and Keith, Cortney, and I rode some slightly tracked powder down and it was fantastic. I had a lot of fun and only fell when I turned too hard (as if I was on a groomed run). Doing that a couple of more times we decided it was time to break for lunch. Cort had sprained her ankle and it was paining her. I understood where she was coming from since my ankle was still sore, but I decided to push on. After lunch Martin, Keith and I went back to the backside and rode some more powder, this time on a black. It wasn’t that steep and I handled that aspect of it okay, but it was much more tracked up and difficult to ride. At one point I got stuck in some deep powder between some trees and I had to unstrap and walk out of it. Of course, it being about knee deep sucked. I realized at that point that I was really tired. I had hit a wall on my energy level and I sucked at getting off the mountain, enough so I fell on some tracked area and tweaked my ankle a bit. It started getting late in the day (although the Daylight Saving Time extra sunlight was nice) and I ended up calling that as my last run. Keith, Martin and I all headed back to the front side. We got separated and I was on a run that I didn’t realize led to a black. At that point I looked to my left and there was a giant field of only slightly tracked powder separating me from the blue run I had been aiming for. I rode the powder as far as I could and then groomed down to the village. That was a fantastic way to end the day. All in all that was probably the best day of riding I’ve ever done. I loved the powder and I only wish my ankle was at 100%. I’m glad that with only ten days of riding I’ve progressed pretty far. I can now ride with my friends (but not keep up just yet, but I think that’s from the ankle). I look forward to seeing if we can get another day or two in this season. With all this snow it’s certainly possible.