Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Phrase of the Day: Butt Slide

Keith and I went to Kirkwood yesterday to use up some vouchers we had before the season is over. The day was pretty cold, around 25-30F, and there was snow falling for most of our riding giving us about 5 inches of new powder over some crunchy older packed stuff. The groomed runs were nice, a couple had some really icy spots but overall it was pretty easy to work. The winds weren’t too bad and we lucked out by taking an early lunch when they did kick up. Unfortunately the back side of the mountain was closed so we mostly hung out on Solitude and did a little bit of crossing over to the Timber Creek area. I ended up tweaking my ankle a little on the first run so it was sore throughout the day, but I rode anyway. I just worked on my turns and kept my speed down so I wouldn’t lose control. Now to the phrase of the day: Butt Slide. Due to the afformentioned chunky and icy snow that was there to start the day there were times on steeper sections where Keith and I (more me than him) would skid off a lump of ice and have nothing to support ourselves on. At that point your butt hits the ground and you slide for a bit. I think I did that at least once for almost every run on intermediate routes until the end of the day, when on the last run I made it down without stopping or falling. Overall it was a great day of riding and I really got a lot out of it. I was really tired by the end of the day and I crashed out early. I would have done better if my ankle hadn’t been sore, but there’s always next time. With snows this late (I mean, it’s spring already) the season is going to go for a bit longer. We have to get up to Tahoe again because the next time we’ll be able to ride after that is August.