Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Fresh Powder Is Hard

This weekend we went to South Lake Tahoe for some more snowboarding. There was a good bit of snow on Friday and during the day on Saturday. We got to Kirkwood and got a few good runs in. Unfortunately there was almost no visibility from the flying snow and me not having any experience on powder made for not that fun riding. Riding in powder I’ve heard is great, and what little I rode good in was fun, but the stuff I had a hard time in had a lot of tracks and I couldn’t see where to navigate to because of the visibility. Coming down an advanced run (first black run, wooo!) I hit a deep pile of snow and endoed my board. The board, being stuck nose first, stayed upright and I continued to fall down the hill. This produced a sprained left ankle because I was, of course, strapped to the board and had the big boots on. Having the boots actually was a good thing as it kept me from breaking my ankle I think. I was able to ride a couple more runs but I was a little sore. the swelling and stiffness didn’t occur until the boot came off. Last night at home the bruise finally started to come out and it’s a doosey. I’m a little sore and stiff still, but walking, keeping the ankle wrapped, ibuprofen, and a heating pad are all making it much better. I can’t wait to ride in powder again. I just hope it’s clear next time as that will make it easier. I’m not going to count that as a day of riding because I don’t feel I progressed at all.