Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Not Svelte Yet

A little while back my friend KP IM’d me and the conversation went a bit like this: kp: dude. your face…
me: what?
kp: it skinny
me: where?
kp: look at the diff between nov and dec. even back then it looks like you were in better shape in dec than nov
Of course he’s referring to here. Now, I’m inclined to disagree with him. I’ve lost a good bit of weight, but I’m not skinny yet. The same sort of thing happened at a party about a week and a half ago. A couple of people kept telling me I was skinny and I had to kindly disagree. If you look at my current weight I’m still far above my ideal body weight, but just today my trend weight passed under 250 pounds (if only by about a third of a pound). Overall I’ve lost about 55 pounds with about 50 or so of that since last July. I still have a good bit to work off and with the rate of loss slowing lately (although part of that was due to holidays, me slacking a bit, and eating more while snowboarding because I expend a lot of energy). I’m still keeping up on the gym (albeit with some bigger breaks due to soreness from said snow adventures) and the diet and I will continue to try and get skinny. However, until that time I’m not skinny and people will be kindly rebuffed for saying so.