Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Long Tahoe Weekend

This week (starting last Friday) my friends Kevin and Lisa are in town visiting. In order to spend a little time with them and get some fun in we decided to go up to Tahoe for four days. We stayed at the last place as our last trip and were quite happy with that. The Three Peaks Resort was great because of the quality of the space, multiple bedrooms and a kitchen. Having the kitchen was key because then we could get up early and fix breakfast. In the week between this and the previous trip I was pretty sore. My quads were so trashed I couldn’t walk down stairs and I had to skip the gym for a few days. Through liberal application of a heating pad and ibuprofen I was able to be well rested by Friday night. The gang of us (Coco, Keith, Kevin, Lisa, Athena, Rotomonkey, Colin, and I) all left at about 7pm and hit little traffic on the way up. We did get to drive through some snow on US 50 so that was interesting. It would have been better if people weren’t so skittish of driving in snow. I think we could have gone about ten miles per hour faster in some parts. At any rate we got there, got settled in, and then got some sleep for the next day. Rising early Keith made breakfast for everyone and we gathered our gear and left. We decided to goto Kirkwood for our first day. When we got there we were happy to find about four inches of new snow. I stuck to the lower green runs as I just wanted to get my skills under me rather than getting discouraged or injured on bigger runs. I think I did about 20 runs that day as they were pretty short. After riding I really felt better about my abilities and I was pretty pumped for the next day. Athena had taken a lesson at Kirkwood and got run into buy some dork. That left her pretty shook up so after lunch I went with her and did one run on a course that had more powder than the one she had been on before. She did some falling as that’s to be expected, but by the end of the run she was doing really well but tired it seemed. Andre was able to come up and join us for the day (and only the day because we were bastards and totally neglected to inform him of our plans. That won’t be happening again.). After a later evening we all got up and went to Heavenly’s California Lodge (as opposed to the Nevada side Boulder Lodge last time). There were definitely more people on the California side. I just ran on green runs all day and was having a good time with it. At one point I went up to a longer green run and while it was clear I was just practicing turns from one side to the other. At one point I was pointed across the slope and starting a left turn when a girl that was out of control crashed into me. I ended up grabbing her and we both flew backwards landing on my left hip. Once landed she was in a lot of pain. Ski Patrol came and the thought she had broken her arm. It was her first day and she had taken a lesson that morning. I would be mad at her, but all I got out of it was a big bruise on my left hip and a sore knee. That night we dined at Cafe Fiore in South Lake Tahoe. Cafe Fiore is a tiny restaurant of about seven tables. The food was excellent and the wines Colin picked were fabulous. I will recommend that place to people for sure. The next morning found us up a little late and heading for Sierra at Tahoe. I was feeling good as my hip and knee were no longer sore. Little did I know what was in store for me. I went with the rotomonkey to the top of the mountain and started down the Sugar ‘n Spice run, a two-and-a-half mile green run. Chris got to enjoy me falling a bunch and was kindly patient in waiting for me. Only down the run a little way my knee apparently had no strength from the injury to it in the crash the day before. As a result I was having trouble with the fine steering controls needed and I just told Chris to go on without me (which is good because he got to do more skiing than had he been with me). I proceeded to go down the run a little and take breaks. My knee and lower leg were really killing me and it took me a while to get to the bottom. Knowing my day was shot I hung it up and just waited for everyone else to arrive for lunch with Chris and Athena. After lunch Chris, Athena and Colin had to leave to get back to San Francisco and I just chilled out in the bar while the other four rode out the day. That night Coco and I were both jonesin’ for another pizza from Fat City. Once again they didn’t disappoint (although there was no sign of the cute delivery girl this time). That evening I also got a few more bits of gear including really good knee pads and some padded pants for the next time I decide to do a hip plant. The next morning, even though the night before I had laid out my snow gear and was mentally ready to go ride again, I decided to skip riding so I wouldn’t injure myself any more. Lisa had gotten a slight cold and wasn’t feeling well so we packed up the gear that wasn’t going to be needed by the three that were going to ride and drove home. It rained but didn’t snow most of the way back and Lisa got to sleep. I have to say that I’ve got the bug and I’ll be going again and again until I get better. I don’t really want to rent the board, boots and bindings again. This time I rented from Any Mountain in Berkeley and while the price was good and the equipment solid I just didn’t have any love for the cheap Flow bindings that they use. Also, since I plan on riding several more times buying gear will pay for itself in the long run. Now to start planning the next trip…