Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Tahoe: Fun, Snow, and a Birthday

protecto-ing your butt This last Friday my roommate and I drove up to Tahoe for a little snowboarding. Saturday was his birthday (Happy 34th Keith!) and so it was a pretty good way to spend it. I had been snowboarding just a couple of times before in New York and since my move out here I was of the “I hate snow, I’m not going near it” camp. Keith gave me some pretty compelling arm twisting and convinced me to go with him, Coco, and her friend Lori. On Saturday we showed up at Sierra-At-Tahoe to meet a group (that was late, but that’s a whole other story). Keith, Coco, and Lori all got lift tickets while I got a lesson/rental/ticket combo. My lesson started at 10am and I have to say that this was a way better lesson than I ever had in New York. I feel that I now totally understand why it is you are supposed to do things the way you do them on your snowboard. The lesson lasted two hours. There was much falling and I got pretty tired. At one point after the sun came out I was burning up so I took off my jacket and proceeded to be a steam column generator for about 20 minutes (the Human Torch extinguished is the best description I’ve come up with). After my lesson and a long break at lunch I went back out and walked up the smallest hill they have and then came back down a few times. There was still much falling and I was worn out from having to get myself back up over and over. Towards the end I was feeling like I hadn’t really learned what I needed too but I then realized I was so tired that I was just making mistakes. Another run down the hill and a little practice in the flat ski/ride school area and I turned in my equipment and waited for the others to finish for the day. All in all it was a great day. I can’t wait to go back and take another lesson and see if I remember how to ride. I now see what all my friends see in snowboarding. The right equipment and a good instructor make all the difference when you’re getting started. I’m also really glad that I work out as much as I do. I had a few little sore spots on Sunday but today I’m totally okay. The physical fitness (although I’m still overweight) helps a lot. The photo here is from the restroom of a pizza brew pub. It is one of the holders of the paper seat cover dispensers. I thought it was hilarious that it was stamped ‘PROTECTO’ so I took a picture (with Lori’s camera because I was a tard and left mine in the hotel. Thanks Lori!)