Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Anxiety Dream

If there’s one thing I didn’t want over the holiday weekend it was an anxiety dream. You know the kind, where you wake up stressed out. Bleh. Anyway, it starts with me visiting a hybrid software/game/animation company (yeah, huh?) and somehow I’m supposed to be interviewing for a job there but I didn’t know it. The interview starts and it’s everyone piled into one office with me sitting in the corner. Apparently I had sent them a bunch of crap attached to my resume that they could have looked up had I just referenced it correctly. This made one person in the group unhappy and he kept grilling me and belittling me through the entire process. The kicker was, the guy that seemed angry with me was Patton Oswalt the comedian. That really freaked me out. I pretty much woke up in the middle of the dream so there was no resolution and I was wicked stressed. I hate dreams like that. I mean, what does it all mean? Curse you subconscious!