Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Fans Are Strange

So, this weekend the Houston Astros got the Wild Card spot for the National League. Eliminated in their wake were the San Francisco Giants. The Astros really turned it on after the half-way point in the season and deserve everything they’ve gotten. The funny thing is I grew up in Houston and I am still an Astros fan. Today I’ve had many people at work get upset about the Astros clinching the WC spot. Now, the Giants aren’t a bad team, but I mean, really, they lost it on their own. They could have beat the Astros in the whole series when they were out here. They could have not lost to the Dodgers. Oh well, they get to go home early now. I just love the people coming up to me and saying “FUCK THE ASTROS!” Makes my day. Now I need to find my Astros cap to wear around one day.