Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Party for a monkey... And Some Interns

Well, this last week saw the arrival of my friend Chris the rotomonkey in California. He and his beloved, Athena, told us months ago that they’d be moving out here. Athena came first and for a few months Chris was still in New York with the occasional visit to help keep both he and Athena from going nuts-o (so not so much nuts-o…wait…yeah, nuts-o). So, at the Whitney House we had a party with a dual focus. First, to celebrate the arrival of the rotomonkey. Second, the Pixar summer interns were all on their last day and we had a farewell party for them. There must have been 60 to 70 people at the peak of the party. There was much queso (a.k.a. liquid crack) and guacamole that went way too fast. We also cooked up some of the Whitney Hot Wings and people were nuts for those. The salsa I made that no one ate I should have done a few days earlier, because now it’s perfect: hot, tangy, and zesty. Everyone had a good time and my room mate has even said that people at work that weren’t at the party heard it was good. I fear the next one we do, we might reach critical mass or something. I’m really glad the rotomonkey is out here. At the end of next month I’ll be back in NY for his and Athena’s wedding and I can’t wait. I know some of our friends back in NY will be missing him, but that just means they’ll have to come out here for more visits since we have the better weather. I also look forward to some excellent pictures in the rotomonkey’s blog from his adventures out here. I would have posted a picture here but like a dum dum I forgot to take any of the party. Oh well, next time.