Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Rise From the Grave Pretty Trio.

As anyone knows me I love music. Hence it should be no surprise

that I’ve gotten even more recently.

[Rise Against]( -
*Siren Song of the Counter Culture*. Okay, Rise Against put out an
album last year, *Revolutions Per Minute*. Honestly, it was my
[album of the year]( for
2003. I still listen to it all the time because it's just that
good. Their new album, *Siren Song of the Counter Culture* is also
a fantastic album, but I tell you, it's hard to beat *Revolutions*.
While spinning this album for a while I realize it would be a
prenominal album if *Revolutions* had never come out, but it did
and now we have more good stuff to listen to.
  • Pretty Girls Make GravesGood Health and The New Romance. This band is just supper solid. Sort of along the lines of Le Tigre and Sleater-Kinney in that they all have female singers and play similar styles of music, PGMG is a super solid and plays well for me in the background while I’m working. Everyone I’ve played them for has loved the sound immediately.

  • Alkaline TrioFrom Here to Infirmary and Good Mourning. I really used to love Alkaline Trio, then right before Infirmary came out something turned off for me so I skipped getting their last two albums. This year I got the Alkaline Trio/One Man Army Split. I immediately fell in love with the work of both bands on the split. That caused me to re-thing not having all of the Alk3 albums. I’m glad I decided to pick them up (besides being a completist) because Infirmary is good but Mourning is great. It’s right up there with the work on the split and has been very easy for me to listen to. The video for “We’ve Had Enough” is also really good (see the mention about the Rock Against Bush album below

  • Less Than JakeB is for B-sides. LTJ took 12 songs from the Anthem sessions and put out a whole new album. It’s short but very good. It is LTJ, what more could one expect. I’m just blown away that they had enough material to release another album from just the recording of one.

  • Various Artists – Rock Against Bush Vol. 2. Another in the series. While all the music is great and a nice cheap buy the winning aspect of this disc is that it comes with a bonus DVD. On the DVD is a performance of Will Ferrell as George Bush and several music videos by bands like Alk3, Flogging Molly, and Bad Religion. All in all yet another great comp from Fat Wreck.