Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Low. Ride. Er.

After trying many things and working with the excellent facilities personnel at work I had to have my desk lowered by another two inches. This is the href=“” title=“ONE! AH AH AH!”>second href=“” title=“TWO! AH AH AH!”>time I’ve had it lowered. Now my shoulders really do feel better. Of course, what I’d really like is some newer equipment (tray, desk, chair, something), but that’s out of reach due to limitations within the company at this point (and I’m not at liberty to go into them anyway you nosey Nelly). The best part is that I now have the lowest desk in the entire studio (by about four inches) and it does a good job of freaking people out when they come over. Tee hee hee.