Stuntman And Lover Of Cheese

by Dan Bostonweeks

Second Stage Rawk

It’s actually been a while since I got any new music so I did a big purchase (and of course there is already more stuff to get, but I’ll wait for the next several things to come out). And now, on

with the show:

[Coheed and Cambria]( "official like website"):
*The Second Stage Turbine Blade* and
*In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3*  
Where have I been these last two years? These guys are amazing. I
love that they've got a concept that will span four albums and
these two are #2 and #3 respectively. The singer has a high pitched
voice and more than one person has likened him to Getty Lee of Rush
and while similar he's not the same at all. The music is good to
listen too and has several catchy songs. I mean how can you not
like a band with a singer/song writer with such
[great hair]( "go Claudio").
Right now I'm really digging these guys while I'm working out.
Check out
[their videos]( "media


[Swingin' Utters]( "swing your rock utter this


*Live in A Dive*  
Well, I love these guys.
[The last show]( "great


I saw by them was excellent. This live recording is no exception. A
good mix of old and new and well mixed this I will enjoy listening
to for a long time to come.
  • Alexisonfire: Watch Out!
    I had heard of this band here and there, but never heard them. My friend Matt suggested I give them a listen as usual he’s right on (we have near identical tastes in music). I will admit the album took a little bit to grow on me, but now that it has I like it. There are definitely points where I’m glad the singer sings instead of the screamer screaming.

  • Only Crime: To the Nines
    Take several of the best musicians in punk rock today from bands like Good Riddance, Hagfish, Bane, and The Descendents/All and you get Only Crime. Because Russ Rankin is the singer there are many direct parallels to Good Riddance, but the music is much different in a good way. For hard rocking punk this album is a must have. It’s also good work out music.

  • Tiger Army: III: Ghost Tigers Rise
    Tiger Army, how I love you. With this third release Tiger Army shows no signs of slowing down. Some of the songs are a little slower than one might expect, but overall the album is solid and has a lot of energy and great song writing that we’ve come to expect from the Army. If you like psychobilly then you’ll want this release in your catalogue.

  • Subhumans: Live in A Dive
    Yet another in the Live in a Dive series. Again, Fat Wreck does not disappoint. While I’ve heard the Subhumans in the past I got into punk in the era post them. Slowly I’ve been picking up older stuff and this album is a great addition since it’s well mastered and a good mix (a “best of” if you will). Definitely a buy for anyone that likes the Subhumans.

  • Bad Religion: The Empire Strikes First
    What more can one say about these legends of punk? Not much except that this album is great and spot on exactly what I’d expect from them. They did manage to release a couple of albums in the 90s that are just not recommended at all, but that’s all over now (and has been over for the last couple of albums). Bad Religion will rock your lame ass, believe it.

  • Sparta: Porcelain
    A sophomore effort from some of the members of At the Drive-In. This album is solid but I will admit I haven’t given it enough listens to really embrace it yet. I liked it on the first couple of listens so it’s going to fall into regular rotation now.